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«Mojay»: Dubai will be the global capital of the world

In the modern business society there are a lot of prejudice about the the difficulty of working with Arab countries because of some cultural differences. However the reality demonstrates lots of facts and examples, which contradict such opinions. Director Operations and People in «Mojay corporative services» Mohit Menon explains, why this idea is is fundamentally wrong. First of all UAE – with nine million population, 90 % of which are foreigners – is home for 20 nationalities. So Dubai in particular and the UAE in general present the multicultural society.

Moreover Dubai is the safest state (98% of population feel themselves safe), it has developed infrastructure (best airport in the world) and all conditions required for a successful business.

«You know I have being here for 8 years, and its not even a minute that I have gone without electricity. Can you tell me one country in the world, which has that?», – asked Menon.

He underlines, that Dubai is global and inclusive city, which has temples, mosques, churches : «So, the notion, that Dubai is closed is wrong».

«Mojay» itself was founded by young Indian entrepreneur, who was one of the early birds of blockchain technology. The company started its history just a year ago, but in such short period it has grown from 2 employees to 100. It also has different branches, like Mojay lifestyle luxury limousine or Mojay consulting and investment.

«What is the consulting business – consulting business is focused in ensuring that all the people, who come and work with us or want to set up a business in Dubai are at ease. So we have close to 40 free sones where we can register the companies. And it is very important for them to have the business body. So what «Mojay Corporative services» does we have the business body for anyone coming from any part of the world to Dubai and we help with company formation, legal structuring, recruitment, marketing, any aspect. So what we say is that we have the one stop shop», – explained Mohit Menon.

He also adds, that company has Mojay F&B (MFC), focused on homegrown high-end Lounge, Bar and Restaurant concepts; Mojay technology; and Mojay real estate.

In approximately 5 years Dubai will be the global capital of the world, said Menon.

«The new regulations and legislations are basically helping people across the world from different religion to come and have their investments here and grew in Dubai», – he noted and added, that Dubai mission is very simple – to let people grow.

Speaking about experience of cooperating with Ukraine, Mohit Menon mentions, that out of 100 employees 10 are Ukrainians. They have shown themselves as educated specialists and passionate workers. Comparing Ukraine and UAE Menon said, that they are «two great countries, where business are extremely active, people are hard-working, and our passion is to execute and be the best».

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